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Frequently Asked Questions

The short answer is, in about 1 week.  When you join, you’ll submit a health questionnaire.  You’ll then receive your prescription for your practitioner grade detox and weight loss supplements, and order online.  Within a few days, they’ll arrive on your doorstep.  If you’ve also done your organic grocery shopping (as per module 1 instructions), you’re ready to begin on the next Monday that comes around.  

Forever baby!  You follow a Detox, Nourish and Relax schedule on repeat until you reach your healthy goal weight.  Then, you follow the Alumni Program which is more relaxed and includes Seasonal Detoxing to keep you on track (Module 4). 

Short answer: Hell yes! If anything, it’s even more reason for you to do the program!

Long answer: Your initial health questionnaire will determine if you’re eligible for a Customised Program. This includes a short phone or zoom consultation to ensure safety and epic results. The cost is $99 and you will be prompted to organise your consultation shortly after your health questionnaire submission.

The therapeutic benefit of these products are priceless…and you’re probably spending more on meaningless shite every day! The exact cost can vary slightly depending on your individual prescription, but the average investment is as follows:
  • First 28 days approximately $250 (around $9 / day for around 5 practitioner grade products). 
  • The following months cost a bit less.  

The program is reasonably hardcore in the beginning, but every stage outlines options to make it more manageable but still successful.  The Mon Being Signature Program is designed to be sustainable for life, for women who still want to be a part of the real world and have fun.  

This program is not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women – your time will come! 

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