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My Mission

I want to see more happy, healthy, confident women having fun.

I’ve always f*cking hated the weight loss industry…so what’s my deal, you ask? Fair question. Here’s the story.

How it all started

In the early years of becoming a Mum I turned self-sabotage and over-eating into a sport.

I gained around 25kg, lost every ounce of my mojo, became crippled with fear of death…and was equally as scared of life!

I wanted to sign up to a detox and weight loss program but I couldn’t find one that I’d piss on.

So I became obsessed with creating a program that I could follow with conviction.

A program that would get epic results but that was actually healthy.

A program that I’d be able to proudly share with other women once I’d taken it for a spin myself.

I hit the books hard

I dissected every fad diet out there and I pulled apart every bit of credible research I could find on the subject of detox and weight loss.

Then this happened...

The Mon Being Signature Program was born and I was its very first committed client, along with my husband David.

I lost 24kg in 17 weeks.

My back and hip pain disappeared…along with my paranoia that cancer was hiding in every crevice of my body.

I could sleep again.

I’d stopped hoping for an accident to put me in a hospital bed where I would shut out the world, rest and be fed for as long as possible.

I had my spark back and I wasn’t scared of life anymore…. I was grabbing it by the pathetic little balls!

I opened my program to the public

It was wildly successful and it took off faster than I could handle when pregnancy #2 and Covid came simultaneously.

So what did I do?

I closed the program while I struggled through pregnancy.

I kept the program closed while I brought my baby girl into the world.

I kept the program closed while I navigated being a mother of two during Victorian Covid lockdowns with the finesse of a bird stuck in a small room full of mirrors.

I kept the program closed while my family relocated to sunny, salty Queensland and started a new life.

I kept the program closed still while I I re-wrote it from back to front, gave it a new motor and then followed the program myself to shake off my pregnancy/Covid toxins and kilos.

I kept the program closed even longer while I polished it and polished it until it shone like a f*cking diamond.

TA DA! It’s here, and I couldn’t be more proud.

It makes me SO happy that my fellow Aussie women have this program to propel them back to health when they’ve found themselves up fat f*ck creek without a paddle.

The Mon Being Signature program

A detox and weight loss program that works, and optimises health instead of shitting all over it.

This is my most worthwhile professional accomplishment to date.

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